DREAMS that I am working on to come true (in no particular order, will add more as they come up) 

  • Dream Job: really utilize BoatShowGirl and be a traveling blogger/marketer/social media guru at the boat shows, as well as helping out as many companies in this industry as possible (and earn money of course).
  • Be a brand ambassador.
  • Work booths at boat shows.
  • Have an article (or more) published in the top industry magazines.
  • Be asked to guest blog on several marine websites.
  • Be asked to write articles for physical boating magazines.
  • Join the marine marketers group.
  • Join a marine association group.
  • Do boat photography (help sell boats with my photos).
  • Be sponsored with BoatShowGirl so that I am not limited in what I can do.
  • Really keep up with my podcast, and gain listeners.
  • Write / published my BoatShowGirl novel.

PAST DREAMS that have come true

  • Started GUEST BLOGGING with Marine Marketing Tools in December 2016.
  • Palm Beach Boat Show March 2016: I became officially official by Show Management. I was able to get a media badge for BSG. This was very exciting for me, and one of the best experiences!
  • Miami Boat Show February 2016: 3 years ago I went to Miami show for the first time and had an epiphany, years later, it came back around. I had a really important meeting with someone in the industry and was asked to be a part of something important. When it is officially official (when I take that first phone call) I will update this as to what it was. Until then, it’s still true, and still something so big.
  • Early 2016: Finally I found the “World of Boating” radio podcast that takes care of my wanting to hear boating news all the time. Not only did I find a great show to listen to, a week or so later–after calling in and leaving a message–I was asked to be on the show. I appear on there as Boat Show Girl.
  • Tampa Show October 2015: After coming to this show in 2014, I said to myself, “Next year, I will be working this show.” Yep–this was the first year I worked my first boat show, ever. Thank you Thunder. <3
  • Tampa Show September 2014: After going to the Tampa show a few times, I had said to myself that the next year I would be wearing a name tag with a company name. Sure enough, I was just a visitor but since I started working with Thunder, I was able to get a name tag with my name and Thunder.
  • May 29th, 2014: I started working with my dream company, Thunder Marine.