Tampa Boat Show 2016

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged about a boat show, or anything industry related for a good long while. After attending the Bradenton Boat Show, I took the rest of the summer off, and ended up getting back involved in theatre after a 12 year break–so that’s where I’ve been–behind the scenes of stage life and doing a ton of writing plays for myself for the future. Needless to say, it was a successful summer and I’m about ready to go into helping with another production this fall. It really is tough keeping up with two extremely busy industries! Even though I haven’t been doing much with BoatShowGirl, please remember, there’s always calm before the storm. 

And now, for the Tampa Boat Show. 

I was asked this weekend what makes me love the boat shows so much—and I realized it’s the experience. Not that I didn’t think about it before, it’s something I’ve known, but I really said it out loud. So the point of me bringing this up would be that I’ve attended this show 4 times and worked it 2 of those 4 times, but yet, this was such a different experience than the last.

I didn’t go as Boat Show Girl. My invisible cape, business cards, persona were all left at home. Purposely. I went as an employee from Thunder Marine doing as I was paid to do–get email leads in exchange for giving out free cups. Easy peasy. It was also super cool sending time with my sales family, something that almost never happens, since I work at service.

Last year I worked in our booth doing the same thing and it was really weird because it was my first year having to ask that information to so many strangers. But this year? It felt so comfortable and second nature. I really enjoyed when I heard people talk about their boat show experience. I enjoyed meeting the service customers I had never met before. I enjoyed helping them with their boat show questions if they had any and so on. And it brings me to the question of how could I as BoatShowGirl do those things but make a living off of it?

Friday was slow and I got to walk around for a very small amount of time but Saturday we were so busy that we barely even got a break. I did get a chance to call into World of Boating and talk to them. Always super special when I’m “live” from a boat show.

Part of this year’s experience is that I didn’t get to walk around much at all. I know I probably missed the highlights, but that’s okay, because there always will be a next year… or a next show.  Last year I came back on Sunday just to walk around, but I chose not to do that this year.

From what I could tell some of the boat dealers made their area look superb. I think it was EdgeWater/Tom George that had a seating area for their customers (not just a seating area, but something that looks like it’s from a front porch / beach) –that always wins points with me. The aisles around some of the dealers were nicely done (Marine Max had a small fence-like plastic thing with their brands going around). One of my favorite boat brands–Cobalt–had this loop on their tv of two songs that played non-stop. If it drove me nuts, I can’t imagine how their employees felt. Those were the few things I noticed. After going and seeing family from our sister company outside on Friday, I didn’t get to go back and look. I also didn’t take home too many boat literature books either. I have enough for right now (a full box and small bookshelf) that I need to read through!

Anyway, that was my experience from this year’s boat show, and I hope you enjoyed reading about it!

If you are a dealer, vendor, or consumer at the boat shows — I want to know about your experience! Please leave a comment or contact me and tell me your story!

Listen to the World of Boating Podcast for September 10th and that’s where they ask me about this show. I will also post some pictures on Instagram, so find me @boatshowgirl

Thank you for reading & until next time,
Karen Maeby the Boat Show Girl

Two Year Anniversary

Today is the actual date of my two year anniversary at Thunder Marine. Yay! What a crazy and fun ride it’s been so far. Like I’ve told everyone, every day is like The Office, and I am more than blessed to be there. I’ve accomplished so much since having started working there, and I’m looking forward to many more years. Cheers!

We celebrated Friday with blackened shrimp tacos – super duper delicious.

shrimp tacos

&& Late Friday night I went to the mall and bought 2 Betsey Johnson jewelry pieces in celebration. Queen Pirate earrings and skull necklace. Both beautiful and perfect for me.


I also talked about Thunder on World of Boating podcast. 14:30ish is where my segment starts.

If you’ve come here for new blog entries and there’s nothing new, I apologize. I’ve been wrapped up in the season of the boating world, and some new projects in my life that will keep me busy the rest of the summer. I’ve still been appearing on at least every other World of Boating podcast episode, so you can hear from me now. I’ll get back to writing here as soon as I can.

World of Boating

About a month ago, I went on a search for boating podcasts/radio shows because I really desperately needed to fulfill my hunger for talking about boats while I was patiently waiting boat show season. That’s when I discovered World of Boating and fell in love.

After listening to several episodes, I had this moment and it was the same moment that I got when I’ve accomplished a dream or found something that really truly fits in with my life. All in about one month, both of those happened.

Their humor fit in with what I’m so used to at work and I was totally “OMG YES” when I started listening. Not only it is humorous but most of the more important boating industry stories/events are talked about.

I listened to past episodes that included call-ins from professionals at IBEX or other boat shows, talk about Tampa Bay’s Gasparilla, and talk like a Pirate day. I found myself laughing so hard and saying YES I AGREE WITH YOU or OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT (even though they couldn’t hear me)…. so that’s when I decided I needed to contact these guys.

Yes, I did a little stalking reading to learn more about them that’s not said on the radio. I sent a long message on Facebook, they mentioned me on the show a week later and read most of my message. I was extremely nervous so it took a lot of guts for me to get it together and leave a message for them, but I did, and they played it on the show.

They laughed about the mention of my sidekick, Eisenhower The Crab, and then even tried to give away a date with him and I…individually. That was pretty hilarious by the way. I loved it and even sent an email stating what Eisenhower’s dating ad would look like.

A week or so after that, they asked if I could join the show that Saturday, January 30th, and I said yes. That was the introduction of me, Boat Show Girl, and I knew from that moment that things will never, ever be the same because I finally have a full introduction to my niche in the industry, I am writing down dreams and goals, all the while fulfilling them. Knowing that is a dream come true in itself.

So here’s to the guys of World of Boating for asking me to join their crew – thank you, thank you, thank you and I’m looking forward to many more call-ins.