St Pete Boat Show 2016

Today I went to the St Pete Boat Show. Lots and lots of people out and about.  The red bows and poinsettias were reminders that Christmas is right around the corner, even though it is December and it’s still pretty warm out.


Icon Aircraft just opened up in Tampa and they decided to greet everyone at the entrance.


Before even getting into the show, I had to stop at the first food stand to get a hotdog and Coke. I arrived at the show later than I normally like to and hunger was about to hit, so I did that, then quickly walked around the side and inside the tents.


Probably my favorite boat of the day. Look at this Canyon Bay beauty:


At every show, when I’m walking the docks, I always look for fun names of the boats. This is definitely a fun boat name. I’m sure a lot us could relate, eh?


I like the way this photo turned out. Also doesn’t hurt I love the font type.


The guys from World of Boating dialed me in and I got to report LIVE from the show. It was awesome.

Overall, the show seemed larger than it did from two years ago (I didn’t go last year). 50% sailboats and 50% powerboats, accessories included in that.

There were mixtures of accessory vendors: a lot of cleaning supplies, some jewelry, unique gifts, a lot of the marinas around here.

I saw my company’s sister company.

I saw (but didn’t exactly meet, only said hi) Bob Bitchin from Cruiser’s Outpost. (Fan girl moment.)

At the entrance, they had a few authors with their books set up outside. I really like that.

Going from the Fort Myers Boat Show to this show in a two week span… yep, both were definitely different experiences and shows.


So…… this is it. This wraps up Boat Show Girl’s last boat show for the year. It’s been a long one (and lots of shows), but I’ll be looking forward to attending as many as I can next year in a different light. Stay tuned as I do a 2016 boat show wrap up. 🙂 

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