Day One of IBEX – BoatShowGirl shows up incognito!


Two years ago in 2014, I went to my first IBEX Show. I was at a different point in my life and career, so I was just taking in everything (just like I would an ordinary boat show). This year, I had an agenda, and I fulfilled it to a certain point.

Some pointers as to what happened….

  • Met the Boating Industry folks!
  • Talked to several different professionals who are with companies that might be able to help me in the future, and each one of them gave me great advice, great ideas, etc…
  • Randomly ran into two old friends and ended up walking around with them for a while.
  • Got to see a 3D printer live in action.
  • Met up with my Canadian friend later on and walked with him/his dad.


Once again, this experience was much different than 2 years ago. I will confess as I walked in the door, I was intimidated by the professionals I was surrounded by. If I’m defined by my work, I’m just an administrative assistant (with her hands in every single department) so I really didn’t belong there next to those who run departments, businesses and the like, however, everyone knows how much I want to be something in this industry so I am making my presence known.


Every single show I go to, I have to get a photo of quads. BOW DOWN TO THE POWER.


I was on a boat. *_*


The goods I brought back from IBEX 2016.

Favorite freebee item / gift: 3D prototype that was given to me (I’ll love that thing forever. It opens up & holds something small.) 

Second Favorite freebee: a flashlight pen by Starweather & Shepley.

Favorite product: 3D Printer

Favorite moment: walking up to ABBRA & seeing their booth where people who visited filled out a little tag with their name / company / something about the industry

Favorite “Fan Girl” moment: meeting the people behind the Boating Industry magazine. (Yes, I’m a serious industry nerd.) 

And, so far, that’s it. In the next few days, I’m going to write up some articles regarding today and I’ll post as soon as I am done!

– Karen Maeby

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