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Tampa Boat Show 2016 Results & After Thoughts

I was doing my normal morning catch up of Trade Only & Boating Industry articles and I saw a few about the Tampa Boat Show. As you know I worked the show this past weekend, but I didn’t get to do very much looking around, as I was busy inside my company’s booth.

I’m happy to report (just like T/O + B/I) that the attendance was up 25%. This is such a great sign. As people passed by our booth, I happened to notice how diverse the attendees were. There were a lot of non-English / broken English speakers and even some people from Canada and Europe visiting. That’s something special right there. There were people of all ages — younger adults who were really serious about purchasing a boat, young to middle age families with only 2 adults all the way up to 2 adults and 4+ children, and older couples/retirees of all kinds.

By seeing all of that (and my experience the past 4 years with going to boat shows), it sincerely confuses me as to who we actually really truly need to be focused on for marketing in this industry. Should we really try to generalize and focus?

As I try to become my own importance in this industry as BoatShowGirl, I know that things change all the time, just like the tides and boats traveling on the Sea. I think my heart is telling me that I need to focus on stories in this industry, that’s where my pot of gold lies.

So please stay tuned–I will have something special for all of you very soon.

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