Boat Show Girl’s first podcast

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In this first episode, I just kind of introduce myself, talk about the Bradenton boat show from yesterday (see previous entry for that), the future of BSG, boat shows I want to attend in the future and how I’m looking for all opportunities.


Bradenton Boat Show 2016

Aloha everyone! I was supposed to be taking a break from boat shows since it’s summer and we really don’t have too much going on as far as bigger shows in this area. But since my company is in Bradenton at that boat show I decided to go because I’m feeling quite lost without the shows to revive me.

It’s always a good thing to sometimes not always attend something every year. I’ve realized this, especially with Miami. I went to the Bradenton Boat Show two years ago–literally right after I started working at Thunder–and boy I can tell a difference.

When I went the first year, there were literally only about less than 20-ish vendors/dealers. It was too small for what I like so that’s why I skipped out last year. This year — there were a whole lot more and they really truly filled that place. Some boats were so close to one another too. My company’s seemed to be more spread out and RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE which was an A+ in my books. And, we finally added a lounge area! Yes!


Let’s talk details about the show —

Who is it really for? Those who like the more medium sized fishing/cruising boats and are looking for more affordable options. It’s the every day brands you see at the local shows. It’s a smaller event, possibly allowing for more intimate conversation between the buyer and seller so that they can build a reputable business relationship.


Layout? Layout seems good, although I have to say, I’m almost over plants being the main attraction to hide on each sides of the boats or motors. I hate being that way because I know it’s one of the few staple accessories on the floor to an event like this… but… let’s come up with something else. I’m happy when a “seating area” is supplied. This makes it more homey. Add some chairs/couch and a sit down reading area, so people will be more comfortable. When I go to the bigger shows visual merchandising is one of the big things I look at, because I used to do visual merchandising when I worked retail years ago (and enjoyed it)!


Some of the brands there — Monterey, Nautic Star, Chris Craft, BlackJack, Cobalt, Scout, SeaFox, KeyWest Boats, etc.

Over all for a smaller show, it was good. I went for a short time and came back home… ready to go live with World of Boating at 2pm!


-Karen Maeby {BoatShowGirl}