Suncoast Boat Show 2016

I know I’m late with getting my review of the Suncoast show out and in readable fashion. My entire week was spent being sick and I was lucky enough to feel better on the weekend so that I could go.

I’m saddened by the end of boat show season (for me/this area), but a little relieved. Even though I LOVE boat shows so very much, I need a break so that I can catch my breath and become a little bit more organized so that I can be the best Boat Show Girl anyone will ever meet. I have so much to offer, but so little time to do so at the moment. I will be fixing this. Now, on to the show.

Here’s an overview of the show:


I hate to admit this, but I haven’t toured a boat in a few shows. A few years back I toured over 20 of them and decided until newer models came out I wouldn’t do that. But I couldn’t resist touring a boat that lives literally down the street from me.





This bed… *_*


My favorite photo that I took:


Boat name is one of my favorite songs:


The couch area seems SO inviting because of the pillows!


I had never really seen a bar area that looks like this before, is that a sink??


Random shot walking down the docks. Galati had some amazing boats.


I call it “Boat Row”!


I only brought home this, a business card and one accessories pamphlet. I was asked if I was hit in the head because usually I bring home a truck load of stuff! Haha!


Overall it was a really good show. I found that my favorite boats this time around was hosted by Tom George Yacht Club & Galati. I’m glad I went on the boat that I did, and will be looking forward to going on more in the future.

So this is it, I bid farewell to the boat shows for the summer. It’s bittersweet because like I mentioned, now it’s time to crack down and really truly learn what I don’t, get experience, become experienced and get a plan together ASAP to concur the end of this year.

I am ready. Let’s do this.


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