The importance of company mission statements.

Lately I have been reading a business book called “Say It and Live It — The 50 Corporate Mission Statements” that was published in 1995. Reading “Say It and Live It” has made me very curious about how mission statements stand in the marine industry—for individuals, companies, and as a whole.

I have taken notes about the companies, along with researching the ones I didn’t know of to see if they still existed. If a company still exists today, and has years under its belt, it is holding true secrets of success. I strongly believe we must take to our past to improve our future. It begins there. Reading about yesterday allows us to gain a better knowledge of how things have turned out.

As an employee or business owner in this industry — Does your company have a mission statement? If so, are you following your mission statement? When was the last time you looked it over and improved it or changed it to go along with the times?

One company in particular operated from 1945 to 1992 without a statement. After writing one in 1992, they said they were much more focused.

Another company—which is my favorite thus far—made revisions every year to their “mission statement” aka game plan. Changing and updating the statement meant that they were paying attention to the needs of customers, how they fit in the industry, what was working and what was not, and finally, how they stood in the economy.

It is understandable to not always be right the first few times, but with a couple of tweaks along the years of growth, you’ll surely get it right and your company name will become a staple.

Twenty years ago all of the companies in the book focused on nearly the same thing for customer service, employee well being, goals and achievements. In that world, the sales department would rely on the Yellow Pages and ads in magazines to gain new customers. Today all of our customers are constantly being sold to via websites, tv, radio and social media. A world apart from one another, but making all of the difference from constant exposure.

Reviewing the statements from a millennial’s point of view, it is no longer enough to just have the best products, provide the best service and employee morale. I believe it needs to go deeper.

What have you done lately that’ll make you stand out from the crowd in 2016 and stand side by side with your mission statement? Or, if you don’t have a mission statement, will this be the year you write one?

Suncoast Boat Show 2016

I know I’m late with getting my review of the Suncoast show out and in readable fashion. My entire week was spent being sick and I was lucky enough to feel better on the weekend so that I could go.

I’m saddened by the end of boat show season (for me/this area), but a little relieved. Even though I LOVE boat shows so very much, I need a break so that I can catch my breath and become a little bit more organized so that I can be the best Boat Show Girl anyone will ever meet. I have so much to offer, but so little time to do so at the moment. I will be fixing this. Now, on to the show.

Here’s an overview of the show:


I hate to admit this, but I haven’t toured a boat in a few shows. A few years back I toured over 20 of them and decided until newer models came out I wouldn’t do that. But I couldn’t resist touring a boat that lives literally down the street from me.





This bed… *_*


My favorite photo that I took:


Boat name is one of my favorite songs:


The couch area seems SO inviting because of the pillows!


I had never really seen a bar area that looks like this before, is that a sink??


Random shot walking down the docks. Galati had some amazing boats.


I call it “Boat Row”!


I only brought home this, a business card and one accessories pamphlet. I was asked if I was hit in the head because usually I bring home a truck load of stuff! Haha!


Overall it was a really good show. I found that my favorite boats this time around was hosted by Tom George Yacht Club & Galati. I’m glad I went on the boat that I did, and will be looking forward to going on more in the future.

So this is it, I bid farewell to the boat shows for the summer. It’s bittersweet because like I mentioned, now it’s time to crack down and really truly learn what I don’t, get experience, become experienced and get a plan together ASAP to concur the end of this year.

I am ready. Let’s do this.