Keeping my head above water.

The last couple of months, probably since the middle of last year, I have struggled immensely to enjoy and live this salt life lifestyle. Having to work two jobs (one full time, one part time) you kind of forget that. I’ve realized for a long time that working isn’t everything, and you only have one life so get out there and live it. Unfortunately, I’ve put myself where working is everything and my only thing. It’s not that I regret it, because of how much I do love my jobs, it’s like I’m hardly working but I have completely lost myself.

My soul is fed by the water, and I’ve been lacking being fed. I have forgotten my dreams just a little bit, I have forgotten my love for Jimmy Buffett (even though it’s always been there) and I’ve forgotten to sing my song. I’ve missed out on many afternoons of having the sun bare down on my skin, countless sunsets, and boat time. Not to mention, writing poetry about this industry…one of the more important reasons I fell in love with boat shows years ago.

This is me putting down my foot. I am developing this brand, and myself, so that I don’t have to spend one more day missing out on anything in this industry or this lifestyle that keeps me going. Here is to me keeping my head above water by taking crazy risks to earn opportunities of a lifetime.

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