How the boat shows led me to becoming Boat Show Girl.

Now that I have (finally) attended all of the Show Management boat shows, I can say that every single one that I have been to since 4 years ago have all been different in their own way. And, that’s not the only thing that is different–my experiences have been too–and you wouldn’t expect that when a good portion of exhibiters are repeats in some of them especially when I’ve been to a couple of shows multiple times.

Four years ago when I started traveling around to the shows, it was mostly local and it was just an event in my industry for me to take photos, blog, learn of new boats/products and collect the boat literature so that I could write poetry. Then, I started going to the larger shows out of town. But in the last year, things have changed because of my career goals, and I started BoatShowGirl to become a standing professional in the marine industry.

From my previous work background, I usually tend to look at the pretty side of the boats, even though I currently work at a service center and know what it’s like on that end. With boats I tend to look for design, style and fonts of boat names/brands that really catch my eye. For products, if there’s something new and amazing I will sing praises about it, I will also do the same for accessory vendors because I’m big on supporting retailers. Oh, and I also choose my favorite “boat literature” look as well.

As Boat Show Girl I am realizing that the most important professional review that I can give is the overall look and feel of the show, including anything unique to the individual shows, new products and new boats. I also have my own review of how the show turned out for me personally. Those comments mixed together makes a review that would be from Boat Show Girl. I have to remember that I do not have an assigned area, I am assigned to the entire show.

From day one, boat shows have become my savior from stress. Let’s talk about the latest show at Palm Beach for instance. I had been so caught up in the day to day that my mind was been completely clogged, but as soon as I went to the show, my body/mind/soul just cleared out. Now that I’m home I feel like a different person, have a clearer mind for what I need to do, and ready to get to the next step.

The way I feel leading up to going to the boat shows, while there, and the feeling that I come home with–I really do belong at boat shows. I know I have a little ways to go before I perfect my intentions on going there but all of this is a learning experience. The people (new friends), boat brands, products, and industry companies that I have found because of the show have been amazing. The journey going from just an attendee to exhibiter to having my own badge with BSG on it has been the most unbelievable… and it’s all happening pretty quickly.

I am so ready to get started on my next goal for Boat Show Girl and cannot wait until the next show which is Suncoast! See you there!

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