A little glimpse inside my personal world – Fort Lauderdale Boat Show & Key West 2015.

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I don’t want to always be serious on this blog because I want to share my experiences as I’m working AND living in this salt lifestyle. So….I’ve been thinking about Key West an awful lot lately. This happens certain times of the year, just like “Jimmy Buffett season” hits me hard at certain times, too. Last year in […]

How the boat shows led me to becoming Boat Show Girl.

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Now that I have (finally) attended all of the Show Management boat shows, I can say that every single one that I have been to since 4 years ago have all been different in their own way. And, that’s not the only thing that is different–my experiences have been too–and you wouldn’t expect that when a good portion […]

Keeping my head above water.

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The last couple of months, probably since the middle of last year, I have struggled immensely to enjoy and live this salt life lifestyle. Having to work two jobs (one full time, one part time) you kind of forget that. I’ve realized for a long time that working isn’t everything, and you only have one life so […]