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Miami Boat Show 2016

As heard on the radio show “World of Boating”– here’s my “7 Eisenhower the Crabs out of 10″ report.

I arrived in Miami around 11 am at the Marlins Park parking garage. There were parking attendants waiting at the entrance to guide and take payment. No cash, only credit card or prepaid (seemed quicker that way). I parked, walked downstairs to the busses and waited in a pretty long line. Since it was the start of the day there were busses already lined up so I didn’t really wait long. It took about 15 minutes to get across town to the show location.

As soon as I got there, I smiled from ear to ear. The layout was beautiful, and that alone pretty much distracted me the whole time.

Tickets / Will Call to the right, entrance to the left. Walk inside and there’s a big “courtyard area” with food, drinks and sitting area. The tents were laid out side by side in a circle and behind them was the boats on the water.

You couldn’t get lost. It was amazing.

With only having a few hours to spare, I quickly went through everything, saw who I needed to see and then went back through the areas one more time. Here’s a list of thoughts.

– The boats inside the tents BROUGHT IT as far as “visual merchandising” went. My favorite was probably Grady White. GW had a display case full of their awards and other little nicknacks. The colors looked very Miami-ish.

– Regal had the most comfortable looking area for customers to sit down, and nice chairs to have meetings.

– I have a new appreciation to boat companies who bring their own merchandise to sell with their logo on it. I love stuff like this. Thank you Everglades.

– Malibu and Mastercraft had on display the sparkly boats. So homage to my being female and loving glitter!

– My favorite free thing that I got (sorry, this has to be added because I love these things, as I rock the company merch all the time): a “Live the dream” rubber bracelet by GlassStream that totally sums up my day, a poster of AXIS boats, 2016 Malibu DVD and Malibu hardcover book.

– Favorite new accessories company Saltwater Syndicate, they have a cool Pirate and anchor logo.

– I also noticed a whole lot more sea trials were happening than usual. This is a good thing!

That’s all I can really report on. I took a look at the boats but I wish I studied them more like I usually do. A few hours at the show is not enough.

The lines for the busses were kind of confusing because there weren’t really any signs, but the attendants took charge and let everyone know where each bus was going. Took longer to get back because of traffic.

While on the bus, I overheard customers of the show talking about what needed to be improved and it was basically just having enough signs or knowing where to go to get back on the busses.

Overall, they did such a great job with Miami especially in what little time they had to throw everything together after finally getting the permission to go ahead with the show. I know that the parking issue will be improved next year, considering.

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