Ladies at the Helm

This morning I attended Thunder’s program, Ladies at the Helm, which is specifically designed for the ladies who have bought boats from us and need to know the basics and training on how boating works.

Our parts manager, who is also a boater, is the one who teaches the class. In this class he goes over the basics of the water – safety, what’s required on board, how being out on the water works, tying a simple docking knot and so on. Unfortunately, due to the water, we did not get to go out on the boat to practice driving and docking.

In all of my studying about the industry, this is one side of it that I have not really done. I didn’t ignore it on purpose, it was just not a top priority since I do not have a boat and haven’t gone out on the water for a really long time.

I do believe that everyone should be required to take a class like this before venturing out on the water, just in case, because you never know when you need that piece of information that you didn’t remember or never learned on your own or from someone else.

When I’m at the boat shows, I’m always picking up pamphlets of programs that teach boating. One of these days, I will be calling them, and attending these programs as well, and then teaching everyone how important it is to learn as much as you can and also help those who don’t have experience.

Safety first in this beautiful boating lifestyle.

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