Ft Lauderdale Boat Show & Key West

(Taken from personal blog)

Aloha my ever so dearest readers! Long time no Sea. It’s getting late and I’m soon going to become distracted so I really wanted to share some “main” details of my trip before I a) hoard them for my book I’m trying to write or b) accidentally forget them forever. The latter is most likely with my short term memory the way it is. (Static like a black and white TV.)

Anyhow, Fort Lauderdale Boat Show would have been a whole lot more amazing if it wasn’t as hot as rubbing into a cactus every ten seconds. I went to the convention center the first night there and I was so worn out from my trip that I just stayed for about an hour and headed back to the hotel to sleep.

Saturday I went to the Bahia Mar location where it’s mostly outdoors on the water and a/c tents for the products. I kept drinking water after water after a big jug thing of tea, and still, I was falling 20% into a heat stroke. I know the signs so I had to stop walking around for a while.

I saw some industry family — our sister company — and two of our boat reps. I was invited to stay in the a/c room with Mont’y and that’s where I literally “chilled out” when I got too hot. It was my “home away from home” as our nice rep called it for me. 🙂

Two years ago, I eyed these propeller earrings, but of course, I didn’t have pierced ears then. So when I saw them at the show I was like, “Oooooh yeah! These babies are mine!” So I got them.

I came home with a very small stack of boat show material, no boat photos on my phone whatsoever, and a small amount of photos on my professional camera. None of this was on purpose, but because I wasn’t myself, and I blame the cactus.

During the boat show a thought popped into my head: Is it really bad that I recognize these companies so well, and when I come upon ones I remember, I’m like, “OH THOSE PEOPLE AGAIN?! YESSSSS.” Mmmhm. I had a lot of that.

Sunday morning I get up and get ready to head to Key West. Never having been on A1A once I hit the tip of where Key Largo is, I instantly fell.deeply.in.love.with.that.highway.

There’s boats and more boats and marinas and boat shops and more boats and FISHING TOWNS WHERE IT’S LIKE THE 1970S FLORIDA!!!!!! AND MORE BOATS ON TOP OF THAT. Oh, and water, duh. Yeah. Pretty amazing.

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