The boat show that began it all.

My first boat show was the Miami International Boat Show in 2013. There was something special about it–walking around for miles and miles seeing all kinds of products. I ended up bringing home several bags of boat literature. There was nothing like it.

Since I had never been to Miami, of course, I also brought my camera and got to catch more than just the boats and surrounding area.

While there, I had a feeling, some sort of an epiphany. I left Miami with this need to do anything and everything with boats. Forever–and ever–for the rest of my life.

From then on, I attended all of the smaller shows that I could, and even the Fort Lauderdale show later on. Looking back, it was kind of a mistake going to a big show first THEN the smaller shows. But, nevertheless, a show is a show and I still have the same happy feeling.

– Karen Maeby

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