Sarasota’s Suncoast Boat Show 2015

The Suncoast Boat Show is going on down in Sarasota this weekend so I went today.  This is my first time at this one in the three years I’ve been going to the shows.

I didn’t bring home too many boat show literature pamphlets (boo! sad face!) but I did bring home… BOAT SHOW PILLOWS. The last five-ish shows I’ve been to I have wanted to purchase the bamboo pillows and today I finally did.

Now. Yes, I know they’re *just* pillows but they are special, comfy and from “A” boat show!! So I am all kinds of excited! THANK YOU to the person behind booth area who sold them to me.

For my run down of the show…

The Cool Factor

“Turn your jet ski into a waveboat!”

“UH—WHAT?” was my initial reaction. I must say WAVETOYS, that is pretty cool! That is definitely something innovative and different to the marine world.

Best New Product Idea …

goes to Propulse Inc / USA

Their product seems genius. Break a prop blade? Why not just replace the blade and then adjust accordingly? They sell prop blades by themselves! If you are a parts dealer do yourself a huge favor and look into this!

Hello Again!

BlackJack! Your brand-name icon has a Pirate sword, you still rock my socks! Nice boat too. 🙂

Cobalt! My favorite since waaaaay back when… however, where the heck was MarkerOne?!?!

To my favorite yachts – Galati & Tom George – thank you for the beautiful eye candy once again!

THANK YOU Hi-Tide for being awesome and offering me a bag (I declined, since I had a backpack) but you let me take a pen instead. You guys are always super friendly every time I have walked past your booth every show.

And thank you Boat Shopper Magazine / The Mariner for always having that reading material out for me to grab. 🙂

It was a good show as always. TO MY FAVORITE – SHOW MANAGEMENT / BOAT SHOW HOTELS – THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SHOW ONCE AGAIN!! Love you guys! One day I will actually meet you all in person.

– Karen Maeby

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