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General customer service in the boating industry.

A few entries back I stated “tis the season for boat season.” Yes, I believe it has finally hit this area at least. One of the things that I do is study the behavior of customers when things go right/wrong, not just at my location, but anywhere I go or what I may hear out in the world.

I have also read’s article about the behaviors of salespeople and what makes them not gain the sales.

In general, here are some key pointers I would like to stress for all departments.

– DO NOT rush the customer to get your sale. Listen, listen, listen for what they want.

– If you treat the customer with respect through the sale, then the service goes smoothly–they are yours for life. The last thing you want is trouble from the beginning because they will quickly regret their decision.

– Get to know your customer throughout this whole process. The more personal you get, the better off you will end up.

– If you have several departments, make sure the communication is A-A. The busier it gets, the crazier it will get– so everyone needs to be on the same page to seize any bad that might happen.

– Now is not the time to have any “trouble makers” on board. Now is not the time to hire new people who don’t have the knowledge to just jump right in and work.

– If the customer’s parts are on backorder or for whatever reason you don’t have them, call the customer and let them know. They will be more mad at you for not telling them than if you did call and tell them. At least at that point, it’s out of your hands.

– Keep the communication line open with your customer. If you do not call them back, they will keep calling and will not be happy about it. Always, always, always update them.

– If you make a promise, you deliver. You were the one that told them it was going to be there / done / what have you, now you must make that happen.

– Get all of your documents signed that you are supposed to. This covers the customer, as well as you.

I know that sometimes some of these things are nearly impossible or can get out of control when it’s busy, but it is always best to keep calm and keep pushing on. Just do the right thing and it should fall back in place once the stress is over.

– Karen Maeby

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