Boat Show Poetry [1]

These were from the Tampa Boat Show in September 2014. Photo and poetry credit to me. Thank you Montecarlo and (?) for the inspiration for my lines of poetry. 🙂


“Hit play on the jukebox, drop me a line and throw it back to yesterday. Braid my heart into your tomorrow, because I’m here to stay. Retro sings as our eyes meet knowing that our yesterday will also become our future, as our footprints prove we’ve walked the path before.” 2014 © Karen Maeby Bates


“Sometimes, I can’t see, because I can’t tell if this reality is different from my dreams. I wash the window only to see reflection all around me – where the dreams and reality meet – and there’s only pieces in between keeping it all together….when everything else disappears.” 2014 © Karen Maeby Bates

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