Anyone ready for boat season?

Tis the boat season–IT HAS OFFICIALLY BEGAN–and we are all getting busier and busier. I am an assistant to the service department, and from here on out, about half of my responsibilities will be to answer the phone and take messages. Not that it hadn’t been before, it’s just that all four lines are now ringing a lot one right after another.

It’s hard to believe that at the end of next month (May) I will have been working at my dream company (Thunder) for a year. Last year, I was new to the crazy. But this year? I have a lot of things down and I can actually be helpful.. which makes me really happy.

I keep reading on about the economic turnout at shows and just in general to buy a boat. It’s good to see that beginning rush of people bringing their boat in for service, as well as going to the boat shows and seeing people work deals for the buying of new ones. It seems with the lower gas prices that’s just a good portion of people being happy to get out on the water again. I was never in the industry when the collapse happened, so I cannot compare there.

On another note, I also saw a few articles today on about sales and service in general and how to keep customers happy. That will be saved for the next entry which deserves its own post.

For anyone who works in the industry, I wish you the best and to hit those goals and collect the much-deserved bonuses you (might) earn. I hope this year is better than the last.

As for me, I will be around–working–and (hopefully) be at the next boat show in Sarasota (Suncoast).

– Karen Maeby

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